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We bring together the thought leaders who changed the game with their insight and chose the unexplored. The professionals whose exceptional business practices and enthusiasm created unconventional opportunities for success.

World Realtor’s Day, 2019 was a grand success. A star-studded mega event recognizing Realty Industry Game Changers.

World Realtor’s Day, 2019 was an ode to outstanding performance of realtors. The day, dedicated to realty professionals, aims to inject pride in the profession within the fraternity and also in the perspective of the clients.

PROP Headsup Event  1 – Aurora Towers (East & South Pune)

The first members heads up event was hosted at Aurora Towers which as convenient for REC’s across South and East Pune. All the RECs invited were personally handpicked for being performers in the indusry. The event had an amazing response with more than 35 REC’s attending it and spot confirmations achieved from few of them to join PROP. (End Sept 2016)


PROP Headsup Event 2 – MCCIA Hall, SB Road (West Pune)

The second members heads up event was hosted at SB road MCCIA Hall which had an overwhelming response of RECs from West Pune. The event saw 30+ REC’s attendance and again sport confirmations to join PROP. (Second Week – Oct 16)




PROP gets affiliated to NAR- INDIA (22/10/2016)


PROP gets necessary approvals and is certified association as required by Law.

PROP Website made live at

PROP membership drive begins and gets a great response from performing members.

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